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How long should dogs be walked every day?

In fact, there isn’t a standard answer to how long dogs should be walked each day. This depends on various factors such as the dog’s physical condition, size, breed, weather, and more.Generally speaking, for small breeds, a daily walk of approximately 20-30 minutes is suitable.For medium to large breeds, a daily walk of 30 to 60 minutes is sufficient. Even for working individuals, it’s recommended to take the dog for exercise in the morning and evening.

Consequences of not walking the dog regularly

  1. The dog’s immune system becomes weaker

Dogs that don’t go outside regularly will have poorer physical fitness and weaker resistance, making them more susceptible to illness, which also makes their care more challenging. Dogs that are regularly taken out for walks and exercise will have improved physical fitness, which contributes to their overall health.

    2. Psychological impact 

If dogs stay indoors for long periods, it can have a negative impact on their psychological well-being. They may become anxious, irritable, and even develop depression or loss of appetite. In essence, this is akin to “killing” them indirectly.

   3. Dogs destroying the house

Dogs are naturally playful and lively, and if they stay indoors for long periods, their energy isn’t released. When their energy isn’t released, they may find ways to do so, leading them to chew on tissues, your chairs, and sofas. Many times, the mess you come home to after a day of work is mostly due to the dog being too bored.

   4. Dogs may become overly excited when going outside

Not walking the dog regularly or for a short time presents the biggest challenge of not being able to walk alongside the dog. The dog always tries to rush out or constantly pulls the owner. Some larger breeds, such as Huskies, will continuously pull forward, and this behavior represents the dog’s inability to control its strength.

Notes for walking the dog

  1. Use a leash

When walking the dog, regardless of the breed, it’s essential to use a leash to ensure the safety of others and the dog itself. Pet owners should train their dogs to wear a leash and walk alongside from an early age, and this can be reinforced with treats like chicken jerky to reward good behavior, which helps dogs behave well around people and in different situations.

    2. Avoid suddenly walking in large amounts

For busy working individuals, it’s common to feel exhausted after work and just want to collapse on the sofa, lacking the energy to walk the dog. On the weekends, feeling guilty for neglecting the dog, they decide to take the dog out for an extended period all at once. This sudden intense exercise can place a significant burden on the dog, leading to serious injuries to its heart, spine, and joints. It’s advisable to consider a professional pet treadmill. Busy schedule? No need to worry! Our ensures that your furry friend gets the necessary exercise even on the busiest days. designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind, featuring a sturdy, rust-resistant steel frame and a non-slip running surface to ensure stability and safety for your dog during exercise. Additionally, the treadmill is adjustable, allowing you to customize the incline based on your dog’s fitness level. Walking the dog should be gradual and systematic, not haphazard.

  3. Pay attention to special weather conditions

While sunbathing can sterilize, disinfect, and provide calcium, dogs are prone to heatstroke when exposed to strong sunlight in summer, so it’s better to choose a time when the light isn’t too intense for outdoor activities. Similarly, it’s best to avoid going out in heavy snow, rainy, or foggy weather—walking the dog during these times offers no benefits and only risks harm. It’s better to stay indoors. You can opt to use a pet treadmill to ensure your beloved pet gets healthy and scientific exercise.

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Nike Dunk Low Bart Simpson


Release Date:06/29/2022

the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Bart Simpson is inspired by the famous animated series The Simpsons. The pair’s color scheme resembles the familiar color palette of Simpson’s eldest son, Bart Simpson. This is the next collaboration between Nike and the show, previously the brand released ‘Marge’ dunks in 2008 and ‘Homer’ dunks in 2004.

The upper of Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Bart Simpson combines of a yellow leather base with a white leather swoosh and habanero red suede overlays. The blue color is visible on the collar lining and the rubber outsole. A Zoom Air unit is integrated into the heel of the sole for lightweight cushioning.

The overall color scheme is presented in bright and eye-catching red, yellow, and blue contrasting colors, which resembles the image of the protagonist Bart Simpson in “The Simpsons”. The red frame part of the upper is made of suede material, and the texture performance is quite good. The rest of the yellow part is made of lychee leather, which highlights the visual layering. The white Swoosh and blue lining perfect the color composition of Bart Simpson’s character. Finish off with a white midsole and blue outsole to complete the overall design。

Nike SB Dunk Bart Smpson released as a collegiate sneaker, Nike Dunks can now be found on the feet of celebrities and commoners alike. Limited editions like the Off White Dunks, from the 2019 collab between Nike and Virgil Abloh’s design label Off-White, further cemented Dunks’ place in sneaker folklore.

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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Skyline
Sku: DX0054-805
Release Date:04/08/2023


The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Skyline features a sleek and modern design with a mix of premium materials. The upper is made of high-quality leather with a suede overlay on the toe box and swoosh. The shoe comes in a predominantly black colorway, with white accents on the midsole and outsole, and pops of blue and red on the tongue tag, heel, and wings logo.

The “Skyline” nickname is derived from the colorful skyline graphic on the insole, which represents the city of Chicago, Michael Jordan’s hometown. The graphic features the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), the John Hancock Center, and other iconic buildings in the city.

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Air Jordan 3 UNC
Sku: CT8532-104

Release Date:03/07/2020

Jordan 3 UNC Reps originally released in 1988, the Jordan 3 represented a turning point for the Air Jordan line. As the third version of the series, the shoe achieved a number of firsts. They were the first to feature the now iconic Jumpman logo, gray leather-like elephant print, visible air unit and the first to be designed by Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield single-handedly saved the Air Jordan series with the design of the Air Jordan 3. The designer of the first two Jordan releases, Peter Moore, recently left Nike to start his own label, but more importantly, Jordan’s contract is about to be renewed. Rumor has it that Jordan was lukewarm about the first two designs and ready to “wow.” Luckily for Nike and all of us, Tinker made it, and Jordan wowed. Among the many classic colors of Jordan sneakers, the status of North Carolina blue is always so special. The blue that makes countless Sneakers’ hearts is the original color of Joe’s basketball dream.

AJ3 North Carolina is wearing white and blue, which is all exciting. The overall upper is made of white leather, the logo on the tongue, the lace holes, and the heel are embellished with North Carolina blue, and the elements of burst cracks are added, which is simple and classic.

Compared with the non-commercially available PE version, the UNC of the tongue was replaced by the trapeze logo; the insole was also replaced by the blue North Carolina element with a red embroidered design; the UNC word on the tongue was replaced by “heart. “And 6soul” is still remarkable in details.

This pair of shoes also brought an episode on the embroidery of the trapeze logo on the tongue. This time, the trapeze embroidery has changed from the usual flat shape, and the workmanship is fuller, so that the story of the plump Qiao Gang appeared, which is also talked about by Sneakers.

Although AJ’s color palette routine is gradually getting tired of everyone, it is undeniable that this touch of blue still contains magic, which makes people want to stop. If God’s sneakers had a color, it would be North Carolina blue.

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Ben And Jerry Nike Dunks
Sku: CU3244-100
Release Date:05/26/2020

Fake Ben And Jerry Dunks combines elements such as green grass and ground fire, blue sky and white clouds 4, ice cream candy cow and so on. Details of the shoe body – the whole shoe body is designed with imitation horse hair material, and the black and white two colors form the pattern of the cow. The Nike Swoosh on the side of the shoe adopts a dissolving design, combined with stick figures of blue sky and white clouds, forming a coordinated and novel design. -In addition to the overall design, the details of the shoe body are full of sincerity. Chunky Dunky is written on the tongue label, highlighting the joint identity. The relevant parts of the text use the same font as on the ice cream box, including the heel embroidery and tongue label. -The white cloud pattern on the heel is outlined with thick lines, which increases the three-dimensional effect. In addition, the insole and the inner lining reflect each other, and both are decorated with tie-dye- Ben & Jerry’s brand logo is on the inner side of the tongue label, and it says: IF IT’S NOT FUN, WHY DOIT? fit