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How long should dogs be walked every day?

In fact, there isn’t a standard answer to how long dogs should be walked each day. This depends on various factors such as the dog’s physical condition, size, breed, weather, and more.Generally speaking, for small breeds, a daily walk of approximately 20-30 minutes is suitable.For medium to large breeds, a daily walk of 30 to 60 minutes is sufficient. Even for working individuals, it’s recommended to take the dog for exercise in the morning and evening.

Consequences of not walking the dog regularly

  1. The dog’s immune system becomes weaker

Dogs that don’t go outside regularly will have poorer physical fitness and weaker resistance, making them more susceptible to illness, which also makes their care more challenging. Dogs that are regularly taken out for walks and exercise will have improved physical fitness, which contributes to their overall health.

    2. Psychological impact 

If dogs stay indoors for long periods, it can have a negative impact on their psychological well-being. They may become anxious, irritable, and even develop depression or loss of appetite. In essence, this is akin to “killing” them indirectly.

   3. Dogs destroying the house

Dogs are naturally playful and lively, and if they stay indoors for long periods, their energy isn’t released. When their energy isn’t released, they may find ways to do so, leading them to chew on tissues, your chairs, and sofas. Many times, the mess you come home to after a day of work is mostly due to the dog being too bored.

   4. Dogs may become overly excited when going outside

Not walking the dog regularly or for a short time presents the biggest challenge of not being able to walk alongside the dog. The dog always tries to rush out or constantly pulls the owner. Some larger breeds, such as Huskies, will continuously pull forward, and this behavior represents the dog’s inability to control its strength.

Notes for walking the dog

  1. Use a leash

When walking the dog, regardless of the breed, it’s essential to use a leash to ensure the safety of others and the dog itself. Pet owners should train their dogs to wear a leash and walk alongside from an early age, and this can be reinforced with treats like chicken jerky to reward good behavior, which helps dogs behave well around people and in different situations.

    2. Avoid suddenly walking in large amounts

For busy working individuals, it’s common to feel exhausted after work and just want to collapse on the sofa, lacking the energy to walk the dog. On the weekends, feeling guilty for neglecting the dog, they decide to take the dog out for an extended period all at once. This sudden intense exercise can place a significant burden on the dog, leading to serious injuries to its heart, spine, and joints. It’s advisable to consider a professional pet treadmill. Busy schedule? No need to worry! Our ensures that your furry friend gets the necessary exercise even on the busiest days. designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind, featuring a sturdy, rust-resistant steel frame and a non-slip running surface to ensure stability and safety for your dog during exercise. Additionally, the treadmill is adjustable, allowing you to customize the incline based on your dog’s fitness level. Walking the dog should be gradual and systematic, not haphazard.

  3. Pay attention to special weather conditions

While sunbathing can sterilize, disinfect, and provide calcium, dogs are prone to heatstroke when exposed to strong sunlight in summer, so it’s better to choose a time when the light isn’t too intense for outdoor activities. Similarly, it’s best to avoid going out in heavy snow, rainy, or foggy weather—walking the dog during these times offers no benefits and only risks harm. It’s better to stay indoors. You can opt to use a pet treadmill to ensure your beloved pet gets healthy and scientific exercise.

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